TV Guide:October 12,2011
What's coming up on The Secret Circle? — Harriet
Fans of the books may be excited — or angry, for Adam and Cassie 'shippers — because the first inkling of something deeper between Cassie and Nick may soon be coming. "It's very, very possible," Britt Robertson says very, very coyly. "Cassie and the Armstrong family will have some sort of relationship blossom." So that'll make it a love pentagon? That's more than The Vampire Diaries!

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Ask Ausiello:October 11, 2011
Question: I’m totally hooked on The Secret Circle! Would you happen to have any scoop? —Lucyanne
Britt Robertson says the show’s Halloween episode will be chock full of tricks and treats. “When you have witches and Halloween, it can be fun to make fun of certain things,” she says. “What I love about what Kevin [Williamson] and Andrew [Miller] did is they weren’t trying to ignore the fact that we’re witches on Halloween. … We play with a lot of different, funny things. And one of our directors, Liz [Friedlander], who is a big part of our show, was saying, ‘The great thing about Halloween is that scary things can happen in the middle of the night and there’s people roaming the streets. You can scream [but] nobody really takes notice to it.’ So that’s kind of the fun element that we get to play with a lot.”

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Ask Ausiello:October 4, 2011
Question: The one time I requested some scoop and you didn’t respond, I swore to myself I wouldn’t bother again! But after your five very vague, and once again for emphasis, five words concerning The Secret Circle in last week’s Ask Ausiello, I am asking (scratch that – pleading) for something epic on the TSC. —Zee
Kevin Williamson is looking for an African-American actor in his 20s to play Melissa’s smart, funny and great-looking cousin, Holden. “A difficult past has made him tough inside and out,” reads the official character description, “but he’s got a soft spot for Melissa.”

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Spoiler Chat:October 3rd 2011
Gonzosgirrl: I need some Secret Circle scoop.
Quick and to the point, we like that in a reader. We chatted with one of our TSC favorites Gale Harold about the possibility of Charles being a magic (and power) junkie. "I think they all have to have that problem," he says. "There's the term 'power,' but that term has a twin, which is the 'problem.' [It's] the hard thing to manage. If you can't manage it, it's going to manage you." Yeah, we think Charles' little addiction is definitely managing him right now.

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Ask Ausiello: September 27, 2011
Question: Do you have anything juicy on the Secret Circle? —Monica
The Grim Reaper is coming!

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