Thursday, October 6, 2011

KSiteTV’s Vancouver Secret Circle Interviews, Part 1: Shelley Hennig (Diana) Speaks!

KSiteTV's Craig Byrne is just about finished with his visit to Vancouver, BC, where tonight was spent alongside other reporters on the shooting location for the eighth episode of the series -- a location that involves some fake lightning and an impressive downpouring of rain.We spoke with four of the show's leads -- Brittany Robertson, Shelley Hennig, Thomas Dekker, and Phoebe Tonkin -- and they gave us some clues about what's to come. They also previewed tonight's new episode, which airs at 9PM (ET) October 6 on The CW.
We'll be rolling these interviews out one by one in the coming days and weeks - for today, enjoy Part 1 - with Shelley Hennig (Diana!)
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"A lot has been happening to the Circle," Hennig tells us about what is going on in the episode they are filming. "They've been in a lot of danger, so being [at this location] makes them feel like 'Okay. We're kind of away from where all the bad stuff has been happening. Diana's really pleased with this. We decide to spend the night, and Faye gets the alcohol out from the liquor cabinet, and it's just a bunch of us playing Truth or Dare in the living room, trying to enjoy ourselves and get our mind off of witchcraft and everything that's been going wrong," she says. Does this imply the Circle is more solid by the time we get to Episode 8? "They have their ups and downs. They're still learning to get along, which really stresses Diana out. But yeah. I'd say some relationships have gotten stronger and some have gotten weaker. It's just gotten more complicated, with triangles and squares," she says.

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