Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Secret Circle Gets Scary

During a visit to the set, the cast discuss the darker turn the series is taking, beginning with this week's episode.

October 6, 2011

The Secret Circle only began airing in the past month, but during a visit to the set of the witchcraft-powered CW series this week, Thomas Dekker ("Adam") said he felt this this week's new episode, "Heather," was a pivotal one.

As Dekker explained, "Not only is it when I think the show really finds its footing and what it is, it also is the episode where we tip off into the dark side. I keep saying the show gets darker and darker and heavier and more frightening, and this is the episode where that really begins. And the ones that follow... Yeah, it's a dark show! We were joking today that we're probably going to be in trouble with quite a lot of parents."

While the core characters and their relationships are now established, the cast members myself and a group of fellow journalists spoke to -- travel and accommodations to the Vancouver set were paid for by Warner Bros -- stressed that little will stay stagnant. As Shelley Hennig ("Diana") put it, "I don't think any character ever stays the same. Things are going to happen. Diana is going to have to question where she stands in the Circle and in her relationships and I think every character does that at some point. You will definitely see more levels of Diana. She's not type A throughout the entire season. She's going to go through some things and it's a lot of fun playing her."

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